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Looks good!
Looks good!

- Deepa Shah 17th May 2019

I am 100%Sure this invention is very amazing to Make you To Have Best smile God bless her always.

- Bindu Vyas 24th February 2019

Every single person have appreciated smile that you gave me Alka ma’am. Alka Banker is one of the Best Doctor. Every Time I go to the hospital I felt a homely atmosphere. She treats all her patients like her family, very friendly and beautiful doctor.

- Ruchi Soni 8th May 2019

It has been 5 years of treatment with Dr. Alka aunty and her team, and ever since the treatment started. I have never ever had a disappointing experience. Every one is so joyful and supportive that you do not feel scared at all, the way I have felt with other doctors while under going any treatment, even though you do something they have asked you not to. As for the results, they are fantastic. I can see the visible change in my smile over the period of time.

- Shom Shah

It has been 3 years of my treatment. My treatment was wonderful and not even a once I had felt awkward with my braces. Firstly, I thought how awkward would it feel with braces to eat and smile but now I realize that with braces my smile has been wonderful. They have been very good even if I used to break something and bring. They have always been by my side saying no problem we will do it, They are all fantastic. Everyone says that because of braces I look very nice and that’s just because of you Dr. Alka Banker And her Team.

Thank you so much for this beautiful smile of mine.

- Urvi Parimal

Smile, a feeling/ part of ones life which makes a life of a person happy and prosperous. While leading towards a smile journey, human behavior, expressions plays a vital role which can be expressed through lips and smile. Thanks to Dr. Alka Banker the doctors who serve us/me the best they can. A journey of creative of good smile took lots of time but yes, an awesome experience. Thank you so much for spreading smile and happiness.

Tons of Luv 🙂

- Poojan Pitodwala

Smile not only to shows world how happy we are but also to makes our heart smile. It is not only matter of teeth but also a bonding, a special feeling, an unrepresented happiness and a wonderful experience that I had with Pulse Orthodontia. I really wonder how to thank the whole Pulse team and especially Dr. Alka Banker & Dr. Namrata Shah. I got a smile that makes me feel confident. It hold been a marvelous 6 years experience with Pulse Team. You spread happiness and gave an unending smile to me !!

Thank You So Much!! # Spread – Smile #Spread-Love!!

- Trishla Gandhi

Thank You,
Dr. Alka Banker,

Thank you Dr. Alka Banker for giving me a very good smile. I will remember you thousand my life for my new look.

Thanking you,
Best Wishes

- Vrajesh Suvarna

Thank You Dr. Alka Banker I have no words for explaining my experience of treatment. I have take 1st of charge in my smiley life by treatment of my teeth to Dr. Alka Banker

Thanking You,
Best Wishes

- Hemisha D. Patel

Dr. Alka Banker

Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful smile. I am really grateful to u for my lovely smile. I would like to give u all credit for my new look. My best wishes are always with you.

- Rena Patel

Thank you so much for the whole treatment. It was great experience to have braces. I give all the credit to you.

Thank you

- Heer Shah

Dr. Alka Banker

From the starting to the end the experience was priceless, it was fun being here every time I visited. Thanks for all, especially my smile.

- Heer Sheth

Dr. Alka Banker,

The period of treatment was awesome! Each and every time I came here, I was excited for the treatment.
Thanks for the wonderful treatment, wonderful smiles and obviously the fabulous. ICE PEPSI !!

Thank You

- Prapti Yadav

Dr. Alka Banker,

The period of treatment was excellent. Every time I came here, I was excited for my treatment. After finishing my treatment my smile is beautiful and pretty. I got a Ice-Pepsi every time. 🙂

It was an awesome experience!

Thank You.

- Prinsi Patel

It was been 5 years since I know you. I still remember the first day I come here to you for an inquiry about braces. I was really scared during that moment, but you were there and assured me that it would be all okay. Later, you did my treatment and made me change a lot. Before I was that kind of person who never used to smile but now I am smiling all day. Your assistants were really friendly to me and always treated me with love. I would really like to thank you for what you have done for me and made me change my self who can confidently smile.:)

- Puja Todi

It has been 5 years since my treatment. Firstly, when I came here I was very worried about my treatment. But it has been a wonderful experience with you and your team. The treatment over here is very special just because I did not feel any pain during my treatment. Also, you are a wonderful doctor. Really enjoyed the 5 years of treatment over here.

Thank you for making my smile beautiful.

- Mugdha Shah

Really very nice experience, truly friendly atmosphere and all doctors who attended me were very generous and polite. The treatment given to me was outstanding and result is awesome. People only see smile which is perfect. I thank to all doctors & specially Dr. Alka Banker who made it work second time.
Thanks A Lot.:)

- Shweta Tavare

My experience with the doctor was good. She has great knowledge and the way she treats her patients is very nice. She is friendly the other doctors are also very nice. I loved the tenure, when I was under her treatment. I like the modern techniques with which she treat her patients. It is painless. Foe a great smile, here is your Doctor!

- Niketa Tavare

It has been 7 years since. I first started my treatment. And the treatment and the care that I have received has been amazing. Its been really long you and your team have been working on me. Thank you for all the care.

- Radhika Parikh

I have been coming here since 2003 and I enjoyed being here. I had a great experience and I am clearly feeling the effect and it is visible.

- Sarvang Dave

Dearest Alka Ma’am & the whole team.
Its such a wonderful change of my life. Just because of your treatment my whole has been changed.


- Nikita Barot

Dear Ma’am

You are all amazing throughout my all visit, my wife loves my smile!!

With Best Regards.. 🙂

- Arpit Shah

I thank Dr. Banker & Dr. Namrata for my perfect smile. The best treatment I ever had.
Thank You So Much Every One!

- Mauli Shah

I entered this clinic as an ugly duckling with a crooked teeth and I an leaving with a happy and beautiful smile!

Thank You!

- Ishita Dave

I entered Pulse Hospital with an ugly Smile. After braces they change every thing with beautiful Smile.

Thanks to Pulse Hospital!

- Prachi Patel

Thank You Alka Banker for changing my look. 🙂

- Hardi Patel

Thanks a lot to Dr. Alka Banker, Dr. Sneha & Dr. Namrata who totally changed my smile from wide to wider. The staff is extremely sweet and helpful.

Thanks a ton for all your efforts!

- Sanjana Mallya

A big THANK YOU to Dr. Banker, Dr. Namrata & The team for giving me a smile, which I am not of conscious anymore.
You guys deserve bigger THANKS.!!
I enjoyed being your patient.

- Dr. Neha

I am taking benefit of your service since 6 years. You have done a wonderful job and made my smile look more beautiful.

Thank you so much Everyone!

- Aanal Patel

Two years and I have got perfect smile. Thanks to Dr. Banker for an entire transformation.

- Sumita

There has been a great transformation to my teeth.

Thank you to Dr. Alka Banker & Team Pulse for my wonderful and cute Smile.

- Ushmi

I can not express how grateful I am to Alka aunty, Namrata aunty and the amazing team at the clinic. Thanks to you, I have been able to resolve my teeth issues and have the perfect smile. I always feel welcome at the clinic and would definitely recommend it to others.

- Rohan Shah

I love my smile and helps in clicking good SELFIES. 🙂

I would genuinely like to thank to the doctors for this, even though I had the most complicated case. They handled and solved the problem with braces, plates, love and care.

- Rachana Solanki

After very specific and easy treatment given by Dr. Alka Banker, I got very special, white and good smile teeth.

Thank you very much Dr. Alka Banker and all the staff members. Without your support I could not have gotten this level of teeth treatment. At last thank you so much giving me good smile and white teeth.

- Parth Shah

3 years and I have a perfect smile. Thanks to Dr. Alka ma’am & Namrata ma’am and all staff. They handled my problem with love, care and sweet smile. Again thanks all for giving me a my super smile, open smile, and white teeth.

- Khushboo

Hey, it was a really very warm and friendly experience. 5 years and a perfect smile is what you get.

Thank You So Much. 🙂

- Prachi

Respected Dr. Alka madam & Namrata madam I am glad to have undergone treatment of my teeth under your observation. I suffered a lot because of my tooth but now I feel so good. All the staff is so cooperative. I had finished all my treatment without any pain. I feel so good. I was thought that it is impossible to make my teeth in well manner but it has become possible just because of you.

Thank you so much.

- Dipal Patel

I had a milled bag of experience breaking of my teethes and the though diapering but the results are too good.

- Rahul Shajwani

I had the best experience of love and care. It is a more than a “just” a hospital and the doctors and ambiance is beautiful.

Thank you very much for this beautiful smile I have.

- Drashti Soni

Respected Dr. Alka ma’am and all those who made it possible for me to smile beautifully, it’s been 3 years now since I have come to you guys, and you are always there to listen and correct all my problems.

Thank God I met you,

Love & Regards

- Nancy Agarwal

Good experience, friendly people, and supportive staff have led to a great result that has gotten me many compliments for my new and bright smile. Thanks a lot!!

- Nisha Ganeriwal

A wonderful experience to be at such a friendly and technically sound clinic. Thank you Alka aunty and Namrata ma’am for guiding through out the treatment. Everyone at the clinic is very friendly and always smiling. I think that’s what keeps us coming here.

Loved being here thank you for giving such perfect teeth & lovely smile! Now I never stop smiling.

- Aashka Shah

A very good experience over all. Thank you so much every one for my treatment. Every one is very friendly and extremely co-operative & helpful.

- Riya Chandiwala

I have been visiting Pulse since 2-3 years and it’s really nice over here. Braces were a little uncomfortable at first.
But I gradually got adjusted to them and I don’t mind them now, when I look back.

- Yashvini Shukla

A very big Thank you To Dr. Alka ma’am and Namrata ma’am. Thank you for such a lovely smile.

- Khushboo Rajde

I was 12 years when I got braces. Now I am 25 years old. And totally in love with Pulse Orthodontia.

Thank you so much pulse dentistry for making my smile so gracefully.

- Noopur Patel

Amazing experience, appreciate the effort behind our beautiful smile but not giving a case for retainers wasn’t expected since my child kept it any where and it directly goes in to her month which is any genetics since stomach infection is more prone. Otherwise everything was amazing my children had an amazing journey with braces.

- Reena Mandalia

I appreciate the effort behind our beautiful smile. Everything was amazing my children had an amazing journey with braces.

- Riya Mandalia


Dr. Namrata Shah and Dr. Alka banker, you guys gave me the “smile “ that actually “gifted” wings to fly!
You made me smile beautifully. I outshine at hundreds of competitors and am now a part of chief cabin crew!
A big fat thank you for being so generous & Kind! And I shall by act now to welcome y’all aboard!

- Vrushali Vyas

Better than the best treatment I could have gotten from any dentist. Very friendly doctors. They treat you with great patience and care.
In my opinion, this is one of the best orthodontics clinic of Ahmadabad. Great experience!

- Dhwani Patel

From an ugly to beautiful smile experience. Always cheerful and understanding doctors made the long treatment feel easy and short. I feel proud to have found this clinic. Thank you for giving me such an amazing makeover.

- Dwija Pandya

I have been a part of Alka Banker family for the past two to three years and it was been a lovely experience. I thank the whole team for giving me such a wonderful smile!

- Dhyana Shah

All day is great for me every time Alka Banker and her staff treats me. Her staff is of good nature and all times experience is good for me.

- Namrata Shah

My childhood experience of a dentist has been quite sour and dreadful by going through the consequences of missing 2 teeth. But PULSE HOSPITAL changed it by giving me pleasant environment full of soft toys, lollipops, games, and Wi-Fi which makes it a dream hub for all ages. Beautiful strong teeth with a charming smile has now become an asset to my personality.

Thanks to your lovely and PATIENT FRIENDLY TEAM.

- Palak Patel

I had a nice experience with Pulse Dental Clinic. My toughest derangement of teeth was at last brought to its proper place. All the doctors behaved in a nice friendly way. Even Pinkyben responded positively and answered every doubt my mom had about the timings. I remember once Alka Ma’am came to see me immediately on emergency call. I can never forget those tasty Pepsi ice and the amazing WII- GAME experience.

- Manul Patel

Brinda Bhatt
Brinda Bhatt
13:18 19 Sep 19
I express my heartiest gratitude to Alka Ma'am, Namarata... Ma'am and the whole team of Pulse Orthodontia to make my Teeth and Smile so so so Pretty. My confidence is uplifted and I am so in love with my Smile now that I don't miss a moment of Smiling 😊.When I first consulted other Doctor, he just straight away said that in my Case only Surgery can solve the problem then for the Second Opinion I visited here being a little disappointed but I was delighted when the Doctor said that it can be cured without any Surgery and it's Cured though it took a Pretty long time but I really really appreciate the Doctor's Patience and Positive attitude which ultimately made me Patient and go with the flow.. Thank You for making me feel so Enthralling! 😁read more
krinal patel
krinal patel
11:22 11 Sep 19
Very helpful. Good service with excellent treatment.... Interactions with patients very good. They also maintain doctors patients relationships which is very good thing. Plus reminding services are helpful. Over all best experience.read more
Patwari Vidhi
Patwari Vidhi
12:55 20 Aug 19
Such a good service... Best experience... Thank you so much... Alka ma'am and her team for make my teeth perfect😃❣️read more
kalgi thakkar
kalgi thakkar
17:56 15 Jul 19
Very good and helpfull doctors. Every doctor over here are... very supportive. Had a very good experience. I had a huge gap between my teeth it got filled and my front teeth also got lined up. Thank you so muchread more
Anushka hanotiya
Anushka hanotiya
14:25 05 Jul 19
It has been an wonderful wonderful experience here at the... hospital. The staff is really amazing...they took a really good care of me. Never enjoyed a treatment like this before. If you guys wanna have a dental treatment go for Pulse hospital because it is the best one out there!!❤ ❤read more
Neet Shah
Neet Shah
11:17 03 Jul 19
The people here are very warm and friendly.The methods... they use are extremely nice and painless. Definitely recommended.read more
Helly Patel
Helly Patel
10:00 28 Jun 19
All staff are very efficient and friendly from the... reception staff who put you at ease as soon as you walk in to the dentist who is very calm and gentle, and explains exactly what she is doing.very hygienic environment and best facilities Thank you so much for making my smile beautiful!read more
Yagnesh Devashrayee
Yagnesh Devashrayee
10:58 03 Jun 19
Excellent doctors!!Very thorough and caring. Doctors here... go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable!read more
Drminal Goklani
Drminal Goklani
12:58 21 May 19
perfect treatment, very friendly staff, well equipped.... thanks a lot, Alka mam n the whole team. you have proved that we can get a perfect smile with this rx at any age...age is not a barrier now...read more
Pal Kushwah
Pal Kushwah
12:02 16 May 19
I had a great experience with DrAlka banker mam. she is... very sweet and she the Best Doctor and because of her today I have a sparkling smile.. It was a long journey with her😊😊😊read more
Uffthatgirl Dream makeover studio
Uffthatgirl Dream makeover studio
16:43 13 May 19
Huge thanks to Dr. Alka mam and her team for the time and... effort they made to make my smile looks perfect during the treatment fantastic service and friendly staff I never suffered from pain when I visit this clinic, they care about patients, it must be way too difficult for them too to maintain hygiene and I found the clinic very hygienic.. The way they treat their patients is mind blowing.. u can observe friendly atmosphere the very next second uh enter there...read more
Shradha Nair
Shradha Nair
07:05 04 May 19
This is a dental clinic you will not regret going to. They... are best at what they do, friendly and genuinely caring. I had an orthodontic treatment and now I have a perfect smile, all thanks to Dr. Alka Banker and her team.If you need a great dentist I highly suggest going here!read more
Prachi Chaudhari
Prachi Chaudhari
11:46 29 Apr 19
Amazing place with such a lovely and experienced staff.... Thank you so much all for making me love my beautiful smile. You always made me feel comfortable and I wonder where this time hasten away. Indeed your efforts are worth loving ❤️read more
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